How to sing better
Popular List of Fun Songs to Sing

All of songs in the list are so popular and classic that you may love to sing or listen to. Of course, you can sing these songs while you are traveling or driving. It is so wonderful.

Amazing List of Fun Songs to Sing

  • 1. [Turtles] — [Happy Together]
  • 2. [Deee-Lite] — [Groove Is In the Heart]
  • 3. [Bon Jovi] — [Livin’ On a Prayer]
  • 4. [Queen] — [Bohemian Rhapsody]
  • 5. [Ini Kamoze] — [Here Comes the Hotstepper]
  • 6. [Tag Team] — [Whoomp! There It Is ]
  • 7. [Johnny Nash] — [I Can See Clearly Now]
  • 8. [Calvin Harris] — [Feel So Close]
  • 9. [Journey] — [Don’t Stop Believin’]
  • 10. [UB40] — [Red Red Wine]
  • 11. [Inner Circle] — [Bad Boys]
  • 12. [Third Eye Blind] — [Semi-Charmed Life ]
  • 13. [Katrina and the Waves] — [Walking On Sunshine]
  • 14. [Wallpaper] — [F**king Best Song Everrr]
  • 15. [Johnny Nash] — [I Can See Clearly Now]
  • 16. [Blues Traveler] — [Run-Around]
  • 17. [Aqua] — [Barbie Girl ]
  • 18. [Hanson] — [MmmBop]
Top 3 Tips For How to Sing Better

As you know, singing is such a skill as well as art. Someone may say it is just a special extension of speech. So, if you want to learn how to sing better, you’b better learn several skills such as singing posture, singing on ceartain pitch and breathe properly etc. And you should practice your singing everyday. Here are top 8 tips about singing below.

1. Choosing the Best Singing Course

If you really only have few experience of singing, and you should learn some basic knowledge of music first. So, taking a singing lesson or course is a good chance of learning singing. Of course, you can also consult some vocal coach or profeesional singer. You should know that the incorrectly performed singing techniques may the voice so much.

2. Know Your Vocal Range Clearly

It is so essential for anyone who want to learn to sing better. In fact, singing with wrong range may strain and hurt your voice. There are many good videos about how to use your voice on Youtube. Once you learn your range of voice, you can choose the right songs for your voice. I have to tell you that the range of your voice may change with training and maturity.

3. Correct Posture is Important

Posture is an integral and important part of singing. Part of singing well or better includes not only the ability to be aware of the body’s movement but also correcting those incorrect posture. so if you can learn to sing with a singing teacher, he can observe the movements during singing and offer you with some corrective advice.


I fell down to the ground.
Lay out your blanket, the sand is a blanket over us.
All the running we’ve done all throughout our dreams,
And everything we’re gonna do, because it’s me and you. 

We should be two, when we fall into.
When I dream of you, is it you?


While waiting for glue to dry, I picked up my uke and took out an old poem. 

BrenGirlWonder - Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
299 plays


Until We Bleed - Kleerup Ft. Lykke Li


Love in this club- Usher and Young Jeezy

I’m what you want, I’m what you need.
He got to trap, I’ll set you free,
Sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally,
I’ll be like your medicine, you’ll take every dose of me.
It’s going down on isle 3, I’ll bag you like some groceries.

Justin Potts - Capsule Sub
21 plays


Someone may like to use techno song and trance songs as dance music. In fact, rap, hip hop and rock songs are also a good selection for your dance party playlist. I’m sure that the new dance songs list of 2012 is really a good playlist for your dance party. Just have funs.

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